A new beginning...

A new beginning...

I remember the time when I first started working out FOR REAL 🥴 I visited a crossfit gym (Revo Crossfit) in Doral, FL and managed to try a workout...

This workout showed me that the most UNFIT person in the class was way fitter than me. To my surprise, I was the most unhealthy and UNFIT person in the class! NOT POSIBLE... NO WAY! 

I REFUSED THAT DATA! It’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to be the most unfit person 😑 there are many people in this class that are more overweight, older, and so forth underlying and showing that they are less fit than ME! Well... IT WAS THE TRUTH!!! 

You can’t show overall health, fitness, and conditioning objectively... You can only assume, and most of the time, we’re very wrong when we do that.


Day after day, we worked hard and put ourselves in a position to win by organizing our training programs and experience in a way where we can find optimal progression 💪🔥 

Get to work! Organize your priorities! 

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